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North Korea for the first time showed its ballistic missiles

North Korea at the parade in honor of the anniversary of the country’s founder Kim Il Sung demonstrated intercontinental weapons and ballistic missiles for submarines. Reported by Reuters .

The first North Korean solid-propellant SLBM Pukkuksong-1. 
Reuters Photos

The rockets were shown on local television. Among the weapons were seen new ballistic missiles submarines Pukkuksong-2. The armed forces of South Korea noted that intercontinental missiles were also present at the parade.

On the eve of the DPRK, the United States threatened with a preemptive nuclear strike if America tried to attack the country. The United States, in turn, on April 14 declared that they were considering the option of using force against North Korea if the country continues to test nuclear weapons. However, the States later abandonedthese plans, deciding to affect Pyongyang with new sanctions.

On March 6, the DPRK launched several rockets of an unknown type towards the Sea of ​​Japan. In Tokyo and South Korea, they then stressed that Pyongyang posed a nuclear threat to the whole world. The North Korean authorities, in response, said they would continue to strengthen their defenses in accordance with the status of a nuclear power.

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