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Müller’s investigation did not reveal Trump’s conspiracy with Russia

The first details of the report on a two-year investigation of Russia’s interference in the American elections.

Donald Trump and the staff of his election headquarters did not enter into a deal with Russia before the elections in 2016, according to the report of US Special Prosecutor Robert Muller. The first details to the US Congress were presented by Prosecutor General William Barr, the document was published on the website of the country’s Ministry of Justice.

The report states that the authors of the investigation do not relieve Trump of responsibility, despite the lack of direct evidence of his guilt. Muller stressed that people associated with Russia have repeatedly offered to assist in the Republican election campaign.

Special Prosecutor’s team Muller did not find evidence that Trump’s campaign staff or those associated with him had agreed or acted in coordination with the Russian government – despite numerous proposals from affiliates with Russia.from Barr’s letter to the US Congress

The special prosecutor came to the conclusion that the Russian government tried to influence the American elections through cyber attacks and the “trolley factory.” According to Muller’s team, Trump and his staff were not involved in any of these interventions.

  • According to Muller, Russia tried to intervene in the elections through the Internet Research Agency, which is associated with businessman Yevgeny Prigogine. Based on this, the US has charged suspects at work at the AII. At the same time, Muller did not find a single American, including the official employees of Trump’s election headquarters, who would coordinate with the “troll factory”.
  • The Russian government, using cyber attacks, collected and disseminated information to influence elections, the report says. Among other things, Muller confirmed that the Russians had hacked into the computers of people associated with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.Based on this, the US indicted alleged GRU employees.. Muller also did not find a single American, including the staff of Trump’s headquarters, who would be associated with these Russians.

The decision to publish the entire report has not yet been made.

On the completion of the investigation of Muller, which lasted 22 months, it became known on the night of March 23. During this time, 34 people were indicted in the US, including the former head of Trump’s campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump has many times stated that there is no collusion with the Russian authorities before the 2016 elections. The Kremlin also denied allegations of interference with US elections.

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