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Kim Jong-un in the second half of April will arrive in Russia and meet with Putin

The media reported that the head of the North Korean leader’s administration had already arrived in Vladivostok.

Kim Jong-un Photo AP

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will arrive in Russia in the second half of April and meet with Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin website .

At the invitation of Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un will visit the Russian Federation in the second half of April.

Kremlin press service

On April 17, Izvestia, citing the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that Putin and Kim Jong-un would meet in April in Vladivostok. The newspaper clarified that the leaders of the two countries will talk about sanctions and discuss cooperation. On April 18, Interfax announced that Kim Jong-un, the head of the administration, arrived in Vladivostok – Kim Jang Son.

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