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Facebook accidentally received contact lists of 1.5 million users when verifying accounts

The company reported that they are already deleting this data.

Facebook reported that since May 2016, the social network accidentally received contact lists of about 1.5 million users when registering new accounts, Business Insider , Axios and Reuters reported .

The company clarified that these data were not transferred to anyone and the company deletes them. They found the problem when they checked the verification procedure – to confirm their accounts, the social network requested some users for email passwords and offered to download contacts voluntarily. Users whose data has been uploaded have promised to report a problem.

By our estimate, email contacts could be downloaded up to 1.5 million times.Facebook employee comment

On April 3, a cyber security expert said that Facebook had started asking for email passwords when registering new accounts. Facebook representatives promised to stop requesting passwords from mail, and also said that the company does not store this data.

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