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Boeing completed test flights of the updated 737 MAX aircraft. The liner of this model collapsed in Ethiopia

The company said it is ready for certification.

The Boeing Aircraft Corporation has completed the last 120 test flights as part of testing the updated software for aircraft model 737 MAX. This was announced by thehead of the company Dennis Melenberg in a video message posted on Twitter.

We have made decisive progress towards certification. Yesterday we completed the final flight as part of the flight tests of engineering software with our leading technical experts and engineers on board. It was the final flight before the certification flight.

Dennis Melenberg head of boeing

According to Melenberg, the Boeing team has committed to making the 737 MAX “one of the safest aircraft in the world.” In total, the company made 120 flights with a total duration of 230 flight hours, the director specified.

March 10 Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines airlines operating flights from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, suffered a crash. On board were 157 people, they all died. This is the second accident with the aircraft of this model over the past six months: in October 2018, the Indonesian aircraft Lion Air crashed . After the disaster in Ethiopia, most countries, including Russia, have banned the use of aircraft of this model. On March 17, it turned out that the pilot of the Boeing 737-8 MAX of Ethiopian Airlines airlines told the dispatcher about the problems with the management and asked to raise the plane 4.2 kilometers above sea level.

On March 19, the Boeing management announced that it was taking steps to fully ensure the safe operation of 737 MAX liners. On March 29, a study of the black boxes of the liner confirmed a failure in the onboard system of the Ethiopian Boeing-737 – as is the case with the Indonesian aircraft. On April 4, it became known that the pilots of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines aircraft acted according to the emergency instructions, but still could not regain control over it.

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