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Stripper-meme Ricardo Milos said he doesn’t like joking about himself. But there is doubt that it is true he

A message asking not to send memes appeared in the abandoned Milos group on Yahoo. It is impossible to know whether he is the author of the appeal, but this indicates a great deal.

One of the main characters of the memes of the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 is Ricardo Milos. Dancing Brazilian strippers a few years ago became popular in Japan, then in the West, and after already in Russia. The most famous moment with the participation of Milos is the massive renaming of Russian schools and other institutions in his honor on Google maps.

Despite the great popularity (memes with a stripper still appear on VKontakte, Twitter and Reddit), little was known about the life of Milos outside the viral dance. He appeared imitators, there were even rumors about the death of Ricardo. But in April of 2019, for the first time after a surge in popularity, the meme contacted fans.

An example of a current meme about Ricardo Milos, April 2019

The editors of Know Your Meme drew attention to the old Yahoo group called “ New Ricardo Milos: hot brazilian model and entertainer ”. Judging by the records, the community was led back in 2007, even before the appearance of a meme about Milos, but then it was abandoned.

April 9, 2019 there was a message on behalf of Ricardo Milos. The reason for the first public appeal of the stripper is one – he asks not to send him more memes to himself.

Not sure when and why all these rumors went [about death], but I’m fine and live in Fort Myers, Florida. My son is 13 years old, he studies in the program for gifted children, plays football, basketball, baseball. I was very busy with him and sometimes traveled.

I came here to leave a message: Stop sending me all these memes. They are illegally made from a video recorded for the jockbutt site. Only they can use these materials. Anyone who uses these frames does it illegally; sanctions can be applied to them.

Thanks to all the fans who wrote about the meme, but it does not bring me any benefit. This is my official statement to dispel rumors about my condition. Thank you, Ricardo Milos.

Ricardo Milos

It is impossible to confirm that the author of the message is a Brazilian stripper. But this is indicated by several factors at once.

  • The mail tied to the account [email protected] is linked to several sites of the years 2004-2005: there are profiles of Milos and photos that have not previously appeared in social networks;
  • From the same account in the group “New Ricardo Milos” they left notes on behalf of Milos from 2007 to 2015. Messages related to new videos, the release of DVD and other things related to the activities;
  • The band on Yahoo, dedicated to the stripper, is listed in the verified profile of Milos on porn Xtube.
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