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In New Zealand, six people were brought to trial for distributing a video of a terrorist attack in a mosque, where 50 people died

Three accused were barred from using the Internet.

In New Zealand, six people were brought to trial for distributing a video of a terrorist attack in a mosque, where 50 people died

Six people were brought to trial in Christchurch New Zealand on charges of illegally distributing a video of a terrorist attack in a local mosque on March 15, when 50 people died and 50 were injured. Reports about it CBS News.

The judge denied release on bail to businessman Philip Arps and the 18-year-old suspect, who was arrested in March. The remaining four defendants are not in custody.

According to the publication, for the publication or distribution of unwanted material defendants face a penalty of imprisonment of up to 14 years. Arps’s lawyer, Anselm Williams, said that many were distributing the footage in social networks, but few of them were brought to justice.

According to the information of the radio station “Moscow speaking”, the court released three defendants under the condition of a total ban on visiting mosques and the surrounding territory within a radius of 500 meters. They are also forbidden to use the Internet.

On April 12, New Zealand imposed a ban on the turnover of assault and semi-automatic rifles, as well as ammunition for them. Owners of such weapons and shops selling them must hand them in to the police before September in exchange for compensation. Violators of the law face up to five years in prison. On March 24, the New Zealand government prohibited the storage and distribution of an activist’s manifesto who had fired at mosques. On March 18, Turkish President Erdogan showed a video of the terrorist attack in New Zealand at his rally. He stated that the shooter visited Turkey twice.

On March 17, Facebook said that over the course of the day, it had deleted more than 1.5 million videos of the terrorist attack in New Zealand, where the suspect recorded everything happening on the GoPro action camera and broadcast it on the social network. According to Newsweek, Facebook policy director Brian Fisherman stated that the algorithm could not detect scenes of violence in a live broadcast because there was “not enough blood” in the video.

On March 15, gunmen attacked two mosques in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. They burst inside and staged shooting – 50 people became victims of the terrorist attack, another 48 people were injured. 28-year-old Brandon Tarrant – while the only suspect in the attack. He was arrested shortly after the attack, he faces life imprisonment. The incident has already been called “one of the darkest days in the history of New Zealand.”

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