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Wikileaks confirmed that Assange’s cat is OK – he will wait for the owner to be released

The cat has lived with the founder of the company since 2016.

The cat of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is safe after being arrested in the Ecuadorian embassy. The twitter account of the site has published a video with a pet, which watches how its owner is deduced by the police. Many Twitter users are concerned about the fate of the cat after Assange was sent into custody.

“We can confirm that Assange the cat is safe. Assange asked lawyers to protect him from the threats of the embassy in mid-October. They will be together free. ”

In October 2018, which Wikileaks wrote about, is the month when Assange launchedan ultimatum and threatened with eviction from the Ecuadorian embassy. He established strict rules: do not “interfere in international relations”, including tweeting about it, clean the room and wash the bathroom, and also monitor the hygiene and safety of your cat, which would otherwise be given to the shelter.

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Fancy a game of cat and MICE?

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The cat appeared in Assange in 2016 – separate Instagram and Twitter were made for him . As noted by The Verge, a lot of rumors circulate around the pet : allegedly the founder of Wikileaks deliberately started it to soften people’s attitude to themselves, and also makes money by selling merchandise with a cat.

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