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Rapper Childish Gambino distributed free sneakers to visitors to Coachella – sent by AirDrop

You walk through the festival, listen to music, and here comes a notification from Donald Glover on the phone.

Example notification in AirDrop with sneakers from Childish Gambino Screenshot of one of the visitors 

Rapper Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino, distributed several pairs of Adidas sneakers at the Coachella festival. Visitors received notifications via AirDrop in their iPhones that a certain Donald Glover had sent them a photo of a pair of shoes. This writes the Complex.

As one of the owners of the sneakers said, he received a notification that Glover wants to share a photo of the sneaker with him. Inside, it was said that it was a free pair that he could pick up on the vintage market for an hour.

In the typical manner of Glover, everything is done as if by accident and unusual. I walked around the parking lot at Coachella near the market, where there were a lot of sellers and buyers. And here came the notice.

Who will say no to AirDrop from Donald Glover? I opened the picture with a pair of shoes in the instructions and the conditions that I have to pick them up at the vintage market within 60 [email protected] seanmchugh3Coachella visitor who received sneakers

Adidas sneakers, which Glover handed out, is a special collection within the company collaboration with the rapper. A yellow pair of shoes is intentionally made shabby, given the casual style of music and appearance Childish Gambino.

@ seanmchugh3

AirDrop allows you to send photos via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Apple device owners who have this feature turned on. Those who exchange pictures should be at a distance of no more than 10 meters from each other. Due to the fact that the technology allows you to use it anonymously, strangers send through it “dikpiki” for random girls.

Strangers are increasingly sending photos of penises to owners of iPhones via AirDrop. In the United States came up with a plan for such a year 

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