Photo Toads: Launch Falcon Heavy with long exposure

Resembles lightsabers from Star Wars and arrows on sweatpants.


On April 12, SpaceX conducted the first commercial launch of the Falcon Heavy – the launch vehicle launched the Saubs communication satellite Arabsat 6A into orbit. The company is the first to land all three blocks of the first stage on Earth: two side accelerators landed on the platform of the US Air Force base, and the third – on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

On the same day, the SpaceX Twitter account published several photos from the launch of the super-heavy rocket. One of the pictures was taken with a long exposure, so that against the background of the cosmodrome and the sky there was a lingering trace from the rocket. The users of Reddit liked this: they arranged a photoshop battle, comparing the trail of a rocket with lightsabers in Star Wars or motorcycle lines in a series of Tron films.

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