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Instagram blogger called the police when her account was removed for spam. She compared it to murder.

The girl in tears explained how important the profile to 100 thousand subscribers is to her. Social network restored it.

The 21-year-old Instagram blogger Jessy Taylor said she called the Los Angeles police after instagram deleted her profile for 100,000 subscribers. The American made a video clip where she compared this incident with a murder and asked for support from her readers. A week later, the account was restored. Insider paidattention to this .

Taylor said in the video that the account was deleted, because “haters constantly complained about spam.” As the journalists noted, this is not quite the case: the blogger published explicit images, under which she often left offensive or racist signatures. According to the girl, she really did it, but tried to imitate the more popular instagram infliusensera who “say what they want, but remain popular.”

I called the police and told about it [about deleting the video]. And they said that it’s impossible to equate what happened to murder. And I thought: no, this is exactly what I felt.

I know how people like to see me depressed. They want me to be like 90% of people — work nine hours five days a week. But this is not me. I’m not in LA for that. I worked too hard to get to where I am and not to take it away from me. The worst feeling in the world.

Jesse Taylor Instagram blogger

In a conversation with Insider, Taylor said that over the past three years has earned more than 500 thousand dollars. She did not want to wait for Instagram to restore the profile, so she started a new one – 17 thousand people came there in a week.

On April 12, Taylor received a letter from Instagram, where she was informed that she had deleted her account by mistake due to numerous complaints from spammers. The blogger noted that the abusive statements she had made earlier were inappropriate. But she added that she does not understand those who hate her: “I do not know how to communicate with heyter and envious, because I myself do not hate anyone and I do not envy anyone. I’m not a hayter, I’m an archer”.

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