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In the match CSKA, the first strike was made by Alyosha’s “robot”. Commentators “Match TV” did not say that this is a man in a suit

A similar animator has recently become famous for Russia 24.

On April 13, CSKA hosted the Orenburg football club at the home stadium in Moscow – the match ended with a score of 2: 3. The first blow to the ball at the beginning of the game was made by the “robot” Alyosha: he came out of the room under the tribune, walked along the lawn and gave a pass to a player of the Moscow team. This was shown at the beginning of the match broadcast, the video was also published on the Match TV website.

Match commentators – Roman Naguchev and Roman Gutzayt – called Alyosha exclusively a robot or artificial intelligence. In the video with the goals of CSKA and Orenburg, published on the YouTube channel “Match TV”, Naguchev’s words about what is happening on the field are partially cut out. They can be heard in a passage from the broadcast, perezalit in “VKontakte”

A robot that goes towards the ball is basically funny. And now we will see how the first blow to the ball will be performed by artificial intelligence. The audience somehow revived, no one supports the robot yet. Maybe because he is in the colors of “Orenburg”.

Attention, blow. And everyone is delighted.Roman Naguchevcommentator “Match TV”

Commentator Roman Naguchev said in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow Says” that he “of course knew” that there was a man in a suit.

Of course, I knew, one of the representatives of CSKA communicated with him, it’s just funny, that’s all. He looked like a robot.Roman Naguchevcommentator “Match TV”

The “robot” from the match CSKA looks exactly the same as the robot that got into a scandal in December 2018: the story of “the most modern robot” Boris, who spoke at the “PROJECT” forum , was shown on “Russia 24 ”.

At “Match TV” no one said that an animator in a suit, and not a real robot, entered the field. When the “robot” was last shown on “Russia 24”, after journalists called it a flash mob, and the media accused of unfair work.

Alyosha from the plot on “Match TV” is an animator named “Robot Alyosha”, who performs in costume at children’s events and humorous shows. His neck and parts of his legs are visible, and he also moves smoothly and without mechanical vibrations. Not to mention that Alyosha’s “robot” has no sensors, but only glowing bulbs.

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