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The picture of a crying girl, taken on the border of Mexico and the USA, became the photo of the year according to World Press Photo

Among the winners of the competition were two works by Russian photographers.

A picture of a two-year-old girl from Honduras whose mother was detained at the US-Mexico border.Photo by John Moore, Getty Images

The World Press Photo organization recognized a snapshot of a two-year-old girl, Janela from Honduras, whose mother Sandra Sánchez was detained on the border of Mexico and the United States as a photograph of the year, according to the organization, according to a press release.

The chairman of the jury, Whitney Johnson, said that “the photo immediately tells so much about the story and at the same time makes you feel connected with it, the picture shows a different kind of violence, psychological,” reports TASS.

In 2018, the Trump administration announced a “zero tolerance” policy — migrants detained at the border could incur criminal penalties — because of this, many parents were separated from their children. A picture of a crying girl was seen on television by her father, Denis Valera, who confirmed that his wife Sandra Sanchez went to the United States “in search of a better life for her child and away from the dangers of her native country.”

Among the winners of the competition were the Russians – Diana Markosyan won first place in the category “Problems of the present”. Her picture shows a girl who, on her 15th birthday, is driving along one of the districts of Havana in a pink convertible. Third place in the “Portraits” category was taken by Alena Kochetkova’s self-portrait “When I was ill” – in front of the girl is a plate with borscht, which she cannot look at because she is being treated for cancer.

On June 21, the American Time magazine published the cover of a new issue, where he posted a collage with a crying girl and “indifferently” looking at him by US President Donald Trump. On the same day, Trump said that the families of the detainees of illegal migrants would be held together with the children in special places of detention. The US President said that he came to this decision after seeing pictures of crying children taken from their parents.

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