Photo: Sculpture of crushed computer parts, generated by it using AI

The figure was put up for sale in the auction house.

Photo of The Verge

New York artist Ben Snell (Ben Snell) created using artificial intelligence sculpture called Dio. For the material, he used the shredded parts of the computer on which the AI ​​was installed, which generated the model.

Now the figure is for sale at the Phillips auction house in London. The last bid, at the time of this writing, is three thousand dollars (almost 200 thousand rubles). The auction will end on April 19.

According to the artist, he used an archive of more than a thousand classical sculptures (including canonical works such as “Discoball” and “David” by Michelangelo) for teaching AI.

According to the publication The Verge, this is the third largest auction of works of artificial intelligence in recent months. Dio can be the first sculpture, gone “with a hammer.” In October last year, the London auction house Christie’s sold for 432,000 dollars (about 30 million rubles) a printed portrait that generated the AI. In March, the Sotheby’s auction house offered for sale an endless video installation that is generated by artificial intelligence.

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