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Photo: Pope kisses the feet of the leaders of South Sudan, begging to keep the peace in the country.

“I ask from the bottom of my heart: go ahead.”

Photo: Vatican Media

Pope Francis met with political leaders in South Sudan who took part in spiritual exercises in the Vatican. The pontiff asked African politicians to “follow the ways of the world,” kneeling before them and kissing their feet. It is reported by Vatican News.

The Pope urged President Salva Kiir, his former deputy, who became the leader of the insurgents Rijek Machar, and three other vice-presidents to observe the truce they signed. Politicians pledged in May to form a unity government.

The three of you who signed the peace treaty, I ask you as a brother to remain in peace. I ask from the bottom of my heart: go ahead, there will be many more problems, but you do not be afraid. Go ahead, solve problems. Between you will still be a struggle, but before the people stay together. So from ordinary citizens you will become the fathers of the nation.Pope Francis

According to Reuters, the leaders were stunned, because the 82-year-old dad, suffering from chronic leg pain, was helped by other priests. He kissed the shoes of two main opponents and three vice-presidents of the country.

April 11 in Sudan there was a military coup. The state army decided to remove President Omar al-Bashir and his entourage from control.

On March 25, 2016, the Pope kissed and washed the feet of Muslim migrants during Easter events at a ceremony at the refugee reception center in Castelnuovo di Porto in the suburbs of Rome. During the event, the pontiff also condemned the terrorist attacks in the capital of Belgium, comparing them with the war, and added that, despite different cultures and religions, “we are brothers and want to live in peace.”

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