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Meme: S [he] Be [lie] ve [d] (Sbeve)

In social networks, ironic over the “profound” quotes with double meaning and the reaction of adolescents to them.

“Vanilla” quotes about relationships – one of the integral parts of the Internet. Through this period they passed both in the West and in Russia with numerous “thoughtful” public posts on VKontakte. In March 2019, English-speaking users remembered one of these phrases and came up with a meme based on it.

S [he] Be [lie] ve [d] is an expression that can be read differently using parentheses (or color highlighting). The phrase She believed (“She believed”) hides He lied (“He Lied”). The Urban Dictionary explained the quote back in 2010: it describes a situation in which a naive girl is sure that the boy loves her, and that one is actually cheating.

In 2011, a similar phrase appeared on the Urban Dictionary : S [he] br [ok] en. Here again there are two meanings – She’s broken (“She’s broken”) and He’s ok (“To him of norms”). This quote already shows a different attitude of a guy and a girl to parting.

On the Internet, you can find a whole series of pictures with similar “double” phrases about relationships. And in 2011, the American singer Jasmine V even released thealbum “S [he] Be [lie] ve [d]”.

In 2018, the users of the subreddit r / im14andthisisdeep (“I’m 14, and it is so thoughtful”) came across the quote “She believed / he lied” . This is a section whose members are searching for Facebook and Tumblr vanilla phrases, making fun of teenage obsessions with similar pseudophilosophy.

At about the same time, a tweet appeared, the author of which jokingly presented the reaction of a typical teenager to the phrase “She believed / he lied”.

Account with vanilla quotes in 2009: “S (he) be (lie) ve (d)”. 13 year old i:

At the beginning of March 2019, there appeared almost the same tweet, which collected more than 40 thousand retweets. This gave a start to a full memo. On March 23 Reddit published the phrase “S (he) be (lie) ve (d)” along with a picture of a crying cat “playing” the role of a 14-year-old girl who saw the quote.

Soon, the template was picked up by other Reddit users – only the picture-reaction changed.

In social networks began to recall other vanilla phrases that could touch teenagers.

From the repeated repetition of the word “shoulder” appears the phrase “You must protect it”

The phrase “Hello, I’m happy, I’m fine” turns into “Help me”

The phrase “Forever” turns into “It’s over”

Quote: “Cigarettes – food for broken souls”

A few days later they began to joke on the meme templates themselves.

In the picture is a series of pornography FakeTaxi, where the actress asks: “Is this a camera in the car?”. 
To which they answer: “No”.

The phrase “I want to say the word with the letter” n “” turns into “I am sad”

The stone with the inscription “Hope” is turned over – and it turns out “Adolf”. 
14 year old German boys:

The chorus of Rick Astley’s song “Ner gonna give you up” turns into “Nigg, you’re gay”

A separate topic for jokes was the word Sbeve, composed of the letters of the phrase “S [he] Be [lie] ve [d]”, which did not fall into brackets.

Noah asks an elephant (She believed) and a penguin (He lied) about Sbeve: “What the fuck is this?”

I go to Reddit after a couple of days of absence – Sbeve

But in social networks at the same time, they noticed that all were once teenagers.

Feelings of 14-year-olds: * There are *. 

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