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Meme: “Luxurious” Winnie the Pooh in a Tuxedo

The self-satisfied bear talks pompously and in every way shows his superiority over the others.

In late March, a meme with Winnie the Pooh in a tuxedo, which rests on the arm of the chair with a smug grin, became popular on Reddit. The template was taken from the original cartoon of the 70s, “correcting” the hero’s facial expression and clothing.

In 1974, Disney released the animated short film Winnie the Pooh, and with it the Tiger! In one episode, the bear, together with Piglet, is going to visit Rabbit, but constantly falls asleep on the chair.

In 2013, the picture gained popularity on the image board 4chan. An anonymous user drew a Winnie the Pooh tuxedo and changed a facial expression from sleepy to smug. The template was used as a response-response.

On March 24, the joke gained new life after the publication of the user avocadoMaster420, who published the meme in the subreddy / r / me_irl. Soon the format got on / r / dankmemes and spread across the entire “main page of the Internet.”

When you see a classmate writing the word “penis” on a chair in front of him / Highly Cultural

The template is used to show the superiority of the speaker over those whom he considers uneducated or not reached his level. In some cases, Winnie-the-Pooh smugly rejoices at personal insignificant success or goes “victor” out of awkward situations.

When you play CS: GO, you fly on an airplane, your headphones are turned off right during the phrase “The bomb was cleared”, and everyone starts to applaud

15-year-olds see memes that mock 14-year-olds (referring to  sbeve )

Reddit also used a template with both characters – original and redrawn. The first Winnie the Pooh acts as a man in the street, and the second in a tuxedo feels superior to him.

Users beat the joke in other templates – “Excuse me what the fuck” and “ Lvl 1 Crook, Lvl 35 Boss ”.

Users have so often compared Xi Jiping to Winnie the Pooh that the image of a bear was banned in China 

On March 25, the meme reached Russia and sold out to the public on VKontakte. Many used a double template.

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