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Meme: Hacker with a toy laptop

In social networks, simple manipulations with technology are given for hacking achievements.

In April, a meme with a black guy who was typing something on a toy laptop began to gain popularity in social networks. The template circulated on the Western Internet three years ago, but it was again remembered on Reddit.

Hero meme name is Ryan Beckford (Ryan Beckford): the comedian and musician is best known for his Vaynami . In December 2014, he tweeted three of his photos with a joke about how he was trying to shut down porn on a computer.

“When you watch porn, you hear the creaking of the door and try to close the

, but it hangs”

In 2016, users on the 4chan imageboard replaced the background image from Beckford’s tweet with a computer code texture, resembling the Matrix promotional materials. Soon, the “photo-stuffed” picture began to be used as a reaction. In April 2017, the template appeared on the subreddit / r / dankmemes. In subsequent years, the image appeared occasionally on Reddit.

April 8, April, the meme returned to the “main page of the Internet.” The joke is used to make fun of users who perform simple actions with technology, while considering themselves to be real hackers. For example, when “repairing” the Internet, restarting the router, or “cheating” in video games.

When “pirating” a song by downloading it from YouTube

When you solve the problems of your family with the technique, because you know how to google

4chan users in media / in real life

When you log into your friend’s account in Gmail, because he forgot to log in 

When you change the background on the desktop computer in the school library

Absolutely no one: / Hackers in the movies: 

When it turns out to put the phone on charge in the dark the first time

Meme is often used to make fun of gamers who use cheat codes or download mods, as well as novice programmers.

When I downloaded the mod for Minecraft without the help of my older brother

When downloaded RAM to improve game performance

When you turn off Wi-Fi to not watch ads in a mobile game

At the age of 11, I push shift + C in Sims 3 and enter “testingcheatsenabled true” to add a unicorn to my family and make it burn the whole city

When using “View Item Code” for the first time

When your Java Hello World program finally worked

 When the code finally starts working after you change it 47 times

Reddit also remembered old jokes about hackers and combined them with a new template. Users also crossed a photo of Beckford with a Winnie the Pooh meme in a tuxedo .

When you know how to make two popular memes in one crossover

When you combine three hackers memes to get home

Want to post something on your Cake Day (registration day on Reddit) / You understand that you can’t make animated memes / You make a gif using a Power Point

On April 10, the meme reached the public in VKontakte and spread through the rest of the social network.

Night mode

Want to post something on your Cake Day (registration day on Reddit) / You understand that you can’t make animated memes / You make a gif using a Power Point

Manga / Anime / Netflix Adaptation

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