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Last game: where is it legal to watch the final game of thrones season in runet

And how much does it cost. And is it possible to watch for free.

April 14 (in Russia – early on the morning of the 15th) the premiere of the eighth and final season of the Game of Thrones, which is called one of the main cultural phenomena of modern times, will take place. In Russia, the first series will be shownin the Karo network cinemas (for Amediateki subscribers), and on Monday evening the premiere will be held on Fox HD, but most viewers will watch it – like the entire season – on the Internet.

While social networks argue about whether to get up at 4 am to see the episode before the appearance of spoilers, TJ has compiled a list of major services that will legally show the entire season. And at the same time I learned how to do it for free.


  • What is included in the subscription. “Game of Thrones” is included in the main subscription to the service, that is, in addition to it, the user receives about 300 more TV shows, as well as feature films and documentaries, and so on. Right now, the service has premieres of new seasons of such titles as “Killing Eve”, “Billions”, “Vice-President”. April 25 will be the last episode of one of the main premieres of this year from the BBC – the drama “Mother Father” with Richard Gere. An important clarification: only Amediateki and its partner operators can watch the premiere series first – simultaneously with the USA – on Mondays at 4 am, and also to revise all seasons at any time.
  • How much is a subscription. 599 rubles per month
  • Free period. There is a seven-day trail period for new subscribers and various promotions with partners. Also, the service “throws” a lot of promotional codes in the activity in social networks and partner projects with the media.
  • With which lag will be released series. Without delay, the premiere of each series is at 4 am Moscow time.
  • What to look forward to in anticipation of the new series (recommendations “Amediateki”). The service has a large library and a lot of premieres for this time. For example, on May 7, the Chernobyl mini-series with Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson will be in the lead roles, on May 12, the podcast “My father wrote porn”. The premiere of the drama Years & Years with Emma Thompson in the lead role is also expected in the spring. And immediately after the end of the “Game of Thrones” you can watch the drama about the twin girls of The Sanctuary. In the summer, one of the most anticipated premieres of this year will be released – the second season of “Big Little Lie”. From the recently released one can see “8 days” – a German anti-utopia about a meteorite approaching the earth, which was shown at the last Berlinale. And do not forget about the classics – “Underground empire”, “interception” and so on.
  • Platforms. Web, Mobile, Smart TV, AppleTV, further everywhere. And also with partners – MegaFon, Rostelecom and others.
  • Additional pluses. April 12 “Amediateka” shows the first episode recap show ” spoiler ” in which experts, star guests and loyal fans of the saga discuss new series “Game of Thrones.” Also the other day a podcast about the main fantasy saga is launched, which will be called “Another one and sleep”. An offline project for real fans will be opened at the Winery site in Moscow – they will be told about it very soon. And at the end of May will be released “Game of Thrones: The Last Watch”, where they will tell us about how this series was created.


  • What is included in the subscription. All KinoPoisk subscription content is available – more than five thousand films, cartoons and TV series, Amediateki series, all the benefits of a Yandex.Plus subscription (subscription to Yandex.Music, discounts on taxi, Yandex.Drive and Services). On the site you can watch, for example, Marvel films and Pixar cartoons.
  • Subscription price. For those who have a subscription to Yandex.Plus – 199 rubles for the first month, from the second month – 480 rubles. For everyone else – 649 rubles per month.
  • Free period. 7 days for new subscribers.
  • With which lag will be released series. The premiere of each series is on the night from Sunday to Monday after 4 am.
  • What else to look forward to in anticipation of the new series (recommendations of KinoPoisk) “Wonderworkers”, “Friends”, “Fatal Patrol”, “Academy of Death”, “Castle-Rock”.
  • Platforms. Web, TVs (“KinoPoisk” application for Samsung and LG TVs), mobile, “Yandex.Station”.
  • Additional pluses.Recognition of actors and character description while watching. To perform recognition, just pause: DeepDive technology will analyze the image and show cards with the names of the actors in the frame. And in the “Game of Thrones” he will also call the names of the characters and give a brief reference about them from the editorial board of KinoPoisk. In addition, KinoPoisk contains many exclusives: such as Fatal Patrol, Death Academy, Blue Book Project, Castle Rock, Manifesto. The subscription includes the popular TV series “Rick and Morty”, “Friends”, “Shameless”, BBC series, Amediateki series, Marvel films, Pixar – more than five thousand titles in total. Plus to this – the ability to choose the voice of the series, “KinoPoisk” collaborates directly with the studios “Cube in a cube”, “Courage Bambay”, with Syunduk. Benefits of the Plus (subscription to Yandex.Music, discounts on Ya.Taksi, “J.Drive” and other services). And you can also watch the series in the original (and “Game of Thrones” – too).


  • What is included in the subscription. This is a standard ivi subscription, which includes an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, cartoons and television programs. Users of the subscription will be available all this content, which is constantly updated, plus the “Game of Thrones.” Now in the subscription of the TV series, for example, all the seasons of the Walking Dead, Gotham, Taboo, The Big Bang Theory, 11.22.63, Billions and so on. From the films – a lot of Marvel (“The Avengers: War of Infinity”, “Black Panther” – all with additional materials). There are cartoons, like “Gravity Falls” – you can watch in English.
  • Subscription price. 399 rubles per month. 3 months – 999 rubles (16% savings), 6 months – 1790 rubles (25% savings) and 2990 rubles (37% savings) for a year.
  • Free period. For each new user, a trial for 14 days (a card is tied and a ruble is withdrawn).
  • With which lag will be released series. The first episode of the final season will be released on April 15, at 22:00 Moscow time on FOX TV channel in the ivi online cinema – and following the air from April 16 via ivi subscription. Series will be released every week, schedule here .
  • What else to look forward to in anticipation of the new series (ivi recommendations). “World of the Wild West”, “Tudors”, “Vikings”, “Medici: Lords of Florence”, “Black Sails”, “Britain”, “Alien”, “White Queen”.
  • Platforms. In the ivi application on any devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TV and game consoles.
  • Additional pluses. The advantages of a subscription are the lack of advertising, content in the original language, a recommendation system, excellent image and sound quality, and 4K content. Some films at the request of copyright holders are not included in the subscription and will remain paid, but for subscribers, there will be a permanent discount on them. Some content can be downloaded and viewed offline.


  • What is included in the subscription. The subscription is called “Serials Amediateka”, which includes all the serial content available to us from Amediamateka, including the newest series of high-profile TV series. These are, for example, “Good Doctor”, “Real Detective”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Billions” and other series.
  • How much is a subscription. Separately, “Aimedka Series” costs 599 rubles, you can buy the Optimum + Amediateka combo for 799 rubles: this is beneficial, because then, in addition to TV shows, you can watch more than 20 thousand films by subscription.
  • Free period. For all new users – a free trial of 7 days. If you activate it on the evening of April 15, then the first two series can be viewed for free. There are also a number of partner offers, for example, with different banks and retail networks, where the promotional period may be wider than seven days, as well as draws in the social networks of the brand.
  • With which lag will be released series. In Okko, the lag from the world premiere will be minimal – the series will appear around 6 am Moscow time.
  • What to look forward to in anticipation of the new series (recommendations Okko). For lovers of historical intrigues and beautiful costumes, Okke recommends the series “Rome” – it is also included in the subscription, and there are no less exciting plot twists than in “Game of Thrones” (although there are not so many deaths and blood). You can pay attention to the HBO project “After the Thrones” – Hollywood showwrights analyze the episodes and build witty theories regarding the series finale. And in the same subscription you can see the scandalous “Leaving Neverland” – it is not related to the “Game of Thrones”, but this is an opportunity to legally see on the Internet something that did not come out on television.
  • Platforms. Available on all platforms where Okko is available – Smart TV, mobile gadgets (smartphones and tablets) on iOS and Android, PlayStation, Apple TV. You can start watching the series on your TV in the morning at home, and finish on the way to the office on your mobile – the application will remember at what point the series stopped viewing.
  • Additional pluses. In Okko you can watch all previous seasons for free (by subscription), unlike some other online services. Also in the social networks Okko there is a vote for the owner of the Iron Throne of Westeros, the results are interactive – every day the number of points for each character appears on the covers of the communities . Community subscribers vote, you can try any number of times. Voting, the subscriber participates in the trial draw, you can win a free period of up to 14 days, the number of attempts is unlimited.

“Megaphone TV”

  • What is included in the subscription. The “MegaFon” promotion extends to the package of Amediatek, which, in addition to the Game of Thrones, includes 140+ TV shows, almost 200 films and two TV channels. Any user can take a trial free subscription for seven days to make a final decision – and, we hope, remain a MegaFon TV client forever.
  • How much is a subscription. The package “Amediatek” costs 17 rubles a day, but there is a free promo period for seven days. Subscribers available daily billing. This means that the user can connect the package, pay 17 rubles, see the new series and disable the package.
  • Free period. From April 15 to May 26, subscribers of the “Get involved!” Tariffs available for connection will be able to connect the Amediatek package and use it at no additional charge until May 26, that is, they have the opportunity to watch the whole final season of the Game of Thrones without surcharge. For subscribers of the “Look”, “Look +” and “Premium” tariffs, the Amediatek package is always available as part of their tariff. For everyone else, including subscribers of other operators, a standard free trial period of 7 days is available.
  • With which lag will be released series. The series will appear on the service at the same time as it is published in the Amediatek.
  • What to see while waiting for the new series (Megaphone TV recommendations). April is a rich month for premieres. Recently, a new season, “Killing Eve”, possibly the best intellectual series of last year, the new season of “Vice President”, “Billions”, was released in the package. Of the new products can be noted series “Warrior”, which will appeal to martial arts lovers. And of course, viewers can revisit such cult TV series as “The Real Detective”, “The World Of The Wild West”, “The Big Little Lie”, “Sex And The City”.
  • Platforms. The service is universal, therefore it offers a multi-format range of platforms – it can be a mobile application, web, Smart TV, Apple TV. You can connect up to five any devices to your account: computer, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Apple TV or CINEMOOD Storyteller.
  • Additional pluses. Free video traffic for “Get involved!” Subscribers
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