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Disney announced launch date, subscription price and Netflix competitor library – Disney + streaming service

The platform will start on November 12 in the USA. A subscription will cost seven dollars.

Disney + @rogertiger Home Page 

Streaming Disney + service will start on November 12 in the USA. The subscription price is $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year. Within two years, the platform will appear in the rest of the world. Disney announced this in his blog.

The Disney + home page is similar to Netflix: it has dies with recommended content, new projects uploaded to the platform, and a list of watched shows. Unlike Netflix, five windows for different studios, channels and franchises are located at the top of the page: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

The service will work through Smart TV, browsers, tablets, mobile devices and consoles. Some projects will be available as 4K HDR. Disney + subscribers will be able to customize individual profiles for those with whom they share an account. All content can be downloaded to watch without an internet connection. The service also offers a parental control feature.

Projects that will be available at the start:

  • Films of the cinematic universe of Marvel, including “Captain Marvel”;
  • Star Wars franchise Mandalorec with Pedro Pascal in the title role;
  • Game remake “Lady and the tramps”;
  • All the seasons of the Simpsons;
  • All Pixar shorts;
  • Five thousand episodes of TV shows from the Disney Channel;
  • 100 films from the Disney Channel;
  • Documentary “World according to Jeff Goldblum” (The World According to Jeff Goldblum);
  • Over 250 hours of National Geographic channel content.

Projects to add during the first year:

  • All parts of Star Wars;
  • New season of the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”;
  • All full-length Pixar ribbons;
  • Based on real events, the film “Togo” with Willem Dafoe about a dog sled race;
  • The film “Timmy Failure” (Timmy Failure), based on a children’s picture book;
  • Stargirl film based on a teen bestseller.

Projects that have no release date yet:

  • The Star Wars series, which will be the Outcast-one prequel;
  • Series on alternate universes Marvel “What if?” (What if?);
  • The series about the heroes of the Marvel universe “Falcon and Winter Soldier” with Anthony Maki and Sebastian Stan;
  • Wanda Vision (WandaVision) with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany;
  • The series “Loki” with Tom Hiddleston.
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