British police began to use sensors that detect drivers with phones behind the wheel

On the roads, signs were installed that ignite and warn motorists.

A sign calling for you to stop using your mobile phone while driving. Photo by Westcotec

In the UK, roadside detectors have been installed on the roads in Hampshire and the Thames Valley . They track drivers using devices without a hands-free and warn them with a special sign.

The Westcotec system consists of sensors that detect 2G, 3G and 4G activity and Bluetooth signals, as well as an LED warning sign, which is located a short distance along the road. It shows a crossed-out telephone in a red circle.

If the sensor detects the use of a smartphone without Bluetooth, then it activates a warning sign. In Westcotec noted that while the system is used only for educational purposes and is not connected with the laws. The company also explained that the sensors can not distinguish between the use of the phone by drivers or passengers, so the sign will work in all cases. Westcotec does not consider this a problem.

The first test of the system was conducted in Norfolk in 2018, and now the police have officially started to buy devices. The first two detectors worth £ 6,000 each (about 500,000 rubles) will be located along the A34 in Oxfordshire. Other devices will appear in different places in the Thames Valley and Hampshire.

According to British law, the use of phones behind the wheel imposes a fine of 200 pounds and six penalty points on rights, but so far the system does not record potential violators. The police believe that the phones behind the wheel should be made “socially unacceptable.” According to police, the use of smartphones four times increases the chances of an accident, and twice the chances of a fatal accident compared to driving while intoxicated.

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