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“Winter is close,” mimicking Khalisi and John Snow, who knows nothing: the memes story of the Game of Thrones

The main series of recent years has spawned many memes in both Russia and the West. Remembered the best.

April 14 will be the premiere of the final eighth season of “Game of Thrones” – one of the main TV shows of our time. The phenomenal popularity of the show influenced Internet culture: in social networks, fans react to the season finals, build theories about the development of the plot, fear spoilers and come up with memes about the characters. TJ restored the chronology of the jokes generated by Game of Thrones from season one to season seven.

Caution, there are spoilers in the material.

“The winter is coming”

The first meme associated with the Game of Thrones, appeared in August 2011. The creators used the slogan “Winter is close” in several trailers and posters, and then also called the first series. Soon, users of social networks began to invent jokes with the motto of the House of the Starks of Winterfell and the promotional photo of Ned.At the same time on Reddit appeared subreddit / r / gameofthrones , dedicated to the series, where they began to lay out the template with Ned. Meme means that an imminent event is coming, most often unpleasant, for example, a session or spoilers to the series. In the “Game of Thrones” universe severe winters last for several years, so this season is a difficult test for the peoples of the North.


Hodor is a minor character in the series, known to be able to pronounce only his own name and helps paralyzed Bran Stark to move. The kind and devoted character immediately gained popularity among fans of the “Game of Thrones”.

In August 2011, a joke with Hodor appeared on the Quickmeme, and a year later reached Reddit and the Urban Dictionary, where the character name was repeated 10 times in the definition of the word . In 2013, Buzzfeed made aselection with Hodor’s “best quotes”. Users played around the fact that the hero could say only his own name: in any strange situation, “Hodor” could be repeated.

At the end of the sixth season, it turned out that the hero is actually called Willis, and the word “Hodor” is an abbreviation for the phrase “Hold the door” (Hold the door). In the fifth episode, white walkers attacked the cave of the Three-eyed Crow, so Mira and Bran had to flee. She asked Hodor to hold the door through which the enemies were trying to break through. Bran is in a vision from the past and saw young Willis having a fit. He repeated the phrase “Hold the door”, which eventually turned into his name. A new wave of memes beat this episode of the series.

In the sixth episode of the first season, the bravosian Sirio Trout taught Arya Stark a special style of fencing. During the lessons he said the phrase: “There is only one god – death. And we say only one thing to death – not today. ” In the final episode, he protects the girl from attacking people with Lannister and asks: “What do we say to the god of death?”, To which Arya replies: “Not today.

In 2013, the template began to spread to Reddit – to the question of Sirio, instead of Arya, various characters who are afraid of their imminent death in the series answered. Soon, the template appeared in Vkontakte: users began to redo the question of a mentor and joked about the behavior of those who refuse to study or sobriety

“You don’t know anything, John Snow.”

The quote belongs to the wild Igritt. For the first time she says the expression in the seventh series of the second season. The heroine regularly repeats the phrase, because she believes that John Snow is too naive and can not understand either her feelings or her life behind the Wall

As well as “Winter is close”, the Igritt quote has become a popular popular expression among the fans of the series. In May 2010, Facebook users created a fan group called “You Know Nothing, John Snow”. The phrase also spawned fan art on Tumblr and DeviantArt .

Usually the pattern is used to ridicule John who knows nothing. In a broader sense, a meme means ignorance of something and is often used for joking about studies

Reaction to the “Red Wedding”

One of the most shocking episodes of the entire series occurred in the ninth series of the third season. Then the “Red Wedding” took place, during which Walder Frey betrayed the house of the Starks, and his people killed Robb, Catelyn and most of their army. Users of social networks worried about the death of their favorite characters, were angry at George R.R. Martin for killing the main characters too often, and jokingly called Frey “the best wedding planner”

Surprised Joffrey

In the second series of the fourth season, King Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned at a wedding with Margheri Tirell. On the promo photo to the episode, the gasping character leans a hand to his throat. Social network users turned the snapshot into a meme-response: for the first time, the template was used on Imgur hosting in April 2014.


In the template, Joffrey is usually surprised by the ridiculous, in his opinion, character outfits or their lack of taste in clothes. In a more general sense, the meme is used to show feigned surprise to obvious things.

Mimic Khaleesi

In 2014, a meme spread in social networks based on an unfortunate freeze-frame from the third series of the fourth season: then Daenerys gave a speech to the residents of Meerin in front of the gates of the city. Khaleesi “screamed” with his eyes closed and his mouth open

Users joked at Daenerys’ facial expression – in the memes she mimics the words of the interlocutors who offer her help. Soon the meme was reworked: different characters in the series began to mock the expressions of other characters.

Flashmob “If a girl gives her name”

In the second series of the sixth season, blind Arya begging on the streets of Braavos, when Yaken from the Black and White House offers her comfortable living conditions, “if the girl gives her name”. His quote spawned numerous jokes on Russian Twitter: users reworked the phrase with new content

Hello, this is Daenerys

After the start of the seventh season on Twitter, two photos from the film set of the series gained popularity, where actors Emilia Clark and Keith Harringon were talking on the phone. Social network users joked that Daenerys and John Snow agree on the details of their first meeting, which took place in the third series of the season

“Have you already left the house?” / “Yes, I am already going”

After the episode was released, the meme changed a little – at the meeting, Daenerys demanded John to kneel before her knee so that he would recognize her as her queen, but Snow refused. The modified joke was posted on Twitter and Reddit . Users joked about how the dragon’s mother on the phone makes John recognize her power, but he hangs up

“Say Cersei. I want her to know that it’s me. ”

In the third episode of the seventh season, Olenna Tyrell admitted that it was she who had poisoned Joffrey. Jaime Lannister invites her to drink poison. Before taking a sip, she asks to convey a message to his sister: “Tell Cersei. I want her to know that it’s me.

In August 2017, a picture of a cat with a curtain on its head was spread on Twitter. The curtain is reminiscent of Olenna’s headdress, so the author of the tweet signed the snapshot with a quote from Game of Thrones.

Then the joke reached Reddit. Soon, users began to dress their pets with a variety of objects, similar to the headdress of the head of the Tirell house. In social networks published photos of not only cats, but also dogs and even toads

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