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The British Parliament approved the deferment of the law “Brekxit”

He was also supported by Queen Elizabeth.

The House of Commons of Great Britain finally approved the bill, which obliges the government to request a postponement of Brexit, in order to avoid withdrawal from the EU without an agreement. For the bill voted 309 parliamentarians, against – 81. It is reported the publication The Guardian.

According to the new law, the government should propose a postponement date for Brexit, which the Prime Minister Theresa May will request from the EU.

Having been approved by both houses of parliament, the bill received royal sanction. The proposal of the government in accordance with the law – regarding the extension of the UK exit from the EU – will be discussed in parliament tomorrow.the House of Commons

Author of the bill and a representative of the Labor Party Yvette Cooper said in his Twitter account that the document has already been approved by the Queen. According to her, the parliament voted “against chaos and damage.”

On November 15, 2018, the British Cabinet of Ministers adopted an agreement on exit from the EU. After the discussion, the Brekzita Minister and the Minister of Labor of the country resigned. On January 15, the House of Commons rejected Tereza May ’s plan to leave the EU. On March 20, May asked theEuropean Union to transfer Brekzit from March 29 to June 30. On March 23, in the center of London, there was a mass march against Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, in which hundreds of thousands of people participated, demanding a new referendum.

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