Samsung Galaxy Fold first shown on real video

We have already shown the included Samsung Galaxy Fold , but then there was no specific information about the operation of the device. Now everything has changed.

The network has a video that demonstrates the performance of a folding smartphone.

Judging by the video, the gadget can take pictures even when folded, the camera interface is completely transferred from the usual Galaxy smartphones. In addition, in the same format, you can watch the video in picture-in-picture mode.

When the display opens, playback does not stop.

Note that when folded, the Galaxy Fold screen does not occupy the entire front panel. There are large frames on top and bottom.

As for the rest, there are no noticeable differences from classic smartphones. This is the same gadget as the others, so far nothing stands out except for the folding display.

True, the bend in the center of the screen still remained and is very striking. Insiders claim that it will not be seen so well on the final devices, and prototypes are shown on such videos. [SlashLeaks ]

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