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Media: military coup in Sudan

According to some information, the president of the country is arrested, and according to others, he left the country.

Omar Al-Bashir Photo: US Navy

In Sudan, there was a military coup. The current and former high-ranking officials from the entourage of President Omar al-Bashir were allegedly arrested. This is reported by the local TV channel Al-Hadath.

Updated at 10:37 AM: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir resigned. It is reported byReuters, citing government sources.

According to the non-state television channel Al-Mashhad, Omar Hassan al-Bashir allegedly left the country, and the Lebanese edition of Al-Mayadeen reports that he was arrested.

According to the news portal Baj News , the Military Council of Sudan, under the leadership of the country’s first vice president and defense minister, Avad bin Auf, is preparing to take power for a year. The publication reports that the army will make an official statement on state television and radio.

From mid-December 2018, popular protests continue in the country. Residents of the country are not satisfied with the prices of fuel, bread and flour, as well as the acute shortage of basic foodstuffs. On April 9, the United States, Great Britain and Norway demanded that the Sudanese authorities comply with the demands of the protesters.

Omar al-Bashir has led Sudan since 1989, and since 1993 he has been the country’s permanent president. He came to power after a military coup by a group of officers of the army of the Sudan, which he led as a colonel. Then Al-Bashir overthrew the government of Prime Minister Sadyk Al-Mahdi.

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