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London police: Julian Assange was detained, including at the request of the United States

The founder of WikiLeaks can be extradited to America, where he is charged with criminal offenses.

One of the reasons for the arrest of Julian Assange was a request for extradition to the United States. Initially, he was detained due to failure to appear in a British court. This was reported to the police in London, and also confirmed the lawyer Assange.

As the police explained, after being arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy because of a failure to appear in court, Assange was brought to the central police station in London. After that, he was also detained at the request of the American side in accordance with the law on extradition. In the near future Assange will appear before the main court of Great Britain.

On April 11, the founder of WikiLeaks was detained at the Ecuadorian embassy after the country had withdrawn his asylum and announced eviction. President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, accused Assange of aggressive behavior and violation of international agreements. He noted that the country has entered into a written agreement with the British authorities that Assange will not be extradited to countries with the death penalty or torture.

After that, the deputy head of the British Foreign Ministry, Alan Duncan, said that the UK would not extradite the founder of WikiLeaks to the United States if he would face the death penalty there. However, Assange is not a citizen of the States, he did not change his homeland and did not serve in the army, so in the United States he could hardly be sentenced to death.

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