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Ecuador refused to grant asylum to Julian Assange. British police detained him at the embassy of the country

He is accused of violating the rules of exit from bail.

British police detained WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy for failing to appear in court after being released on bail in June 2012. He will be in custody until a court decision.

On the recall of the asylum Assange announced the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno. In a video message, he called the behavior of the founder of WikiLeaks “impolite and aggressive” and accused him of violating international agreements.

Ecuador’s patience ended because of Mr. Assange’s behavior: he installed unresolved electronics and distorting equipment, blocked the embassy’s security cameras, behaved badly with the guards, got access to the embassy security files without permission. He claimed that he was isolated from the Internet and refused the connection provided by the embassy, ​​but still carried a mobile phone through which he contacted the outside world.Lenin Morenopresident of Ecuador

According to Moreno, before evicting Assange, Ecuador asked Britain not to extradite him to countries where the founder of WikiLeaks could be subjected to torture or the death penalty. The authorities agreed to fulfill the request.

Assange was at the Ecuadorian embassy since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he was going to be interrogated on rape charges. The founder of WikiLeaks argued that these are false accusations, under the pretext of which the United States wants to extradite him . Later, the Swedish authorities removed suspicions from Assange and canceled the arrest warrant, although they did not close the case.

In America, Assange is wanted in a criminal case because of the publication of secret documents and is suspected of interfering in the 2016 presidential election. According to the US Department of Justice, the founder of WikiLeaks has published documents about the Democratic Party and candidate Hillary Clinton, received from Russian intelligence officers.

Ecuador granted Assange asylum since 2012, but because of this, the country had problems with the UK, the United States and other countries. Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno, who assumed office in 2017, wanted to find a way to solve the problem.

After that, the country issued Assange citizenship and was going to transfer him to Russia as her diplomat. However, the British authorities explained that if he left the embassy, ​​he would lose diplomatic immunity.

In March 2018, Assange had a conflict with the authorities of Ecuador. Internet access was turned off for him , explaining that by violation of the agreement on non-interference in the policies of other countries.

Assange was also imposed other restrictions, for example, banned visitors and demanded to wash the bathroom and care for the cat. For this, the founder of WikiLeaks sued the government of Ecuador, accusing him of violating human rights.

Julian Assange was born in Australia and is best known for creating the site WikiLeaks, which publishes secret documents from anonymous sources. The resource became popular in 2010, when it published secret data and videos about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq , as well as telegrams sent by diplomats. The documents were recorded into the killing of civilians and journalists by US forces, and other countries, including the private armies.

Profile: Julian Assange The story of the pioneer of free information and the creator of Wikileaks, who became a criminal in the case and suspected of secret collusion with Russia.

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