Photo: Building ” lightning”

Installation, created for Milan Design Week.

Photos by Alex Chinnek

British artist Alex Chinneck (Alex Chinneck) presented the installation, in which the old Milanese building as if fastened with a giant zipper. According to the artist, such an approach makes it possible to ironically rethink the very essence of the building, behind the old facade and walls of which lies a luminous space.

Several lightning bolts are also placed inside the building: one hides a luminous hole in the floor (to create it, the artist perezalil concrete floor indoors), the second is placed in the center of the inner wall.

The installation was created for the Iqos brand, but it was decided to embed the brand logo as organically as possible – it can be seen on the outer wall of the building, where it is disguised as street graffiti.

This is not the first “building with a zipper” from Chinnek – he previously similarly designed the building being prepared for demolition in Kent, not far from his studio.

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