From the “Russian Museum” in St. Petersburg, they tried to steal a sculpture, descending behind it on a rope from a bridge

BAZA reported that two unknown people wanted to collect coins that visitors threw to the sculptures, and Rosguard “reported on an attempt to abduct the sculpture.”

“Russian Museum” Photo spb-guide

From the “Russian Museum” in St. Petersburg, two unidentified men tried to steal the statue came down behind her on a rope from a bridge, stealing prevented employees Rosgvardii transmits TASS.

The ministry reported that employees of the Rosguards detained two men born in 1983 and 1986. One of them was stopped at the moment when he tried to hook the sculpture with a hook.

On the eve of the police officer, who was at the guard post of the Mikhailovsky Castle, saw that two unknown people were trying to descend by rope from a bridge through the surrounding moat, where there are niches in which sculptures are installed.

representative of the Russian Guard

BAZA reported that the men did not try to steal the sculpture – they wanted to “collect coins near the soldiers by the ponds near the Mikhailovsky Castle”.

This winter, they did it more than once – they were selected right on the ice. But now the actress came spring, the ice melted and cut off the money with water. Then the friends decided to go down the ropes. There they were taken and the fighters Rosgvardii, and later reported on an attempt to steal the sculpture from the Russian

publication BAZA

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