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Facebook has blocked the page of Gaius Julius Caesar. So name is great grandson Benito Mussolini

He accused the social network of discrimination.

Guy Julius Caesar Mussolini Photos from his personal Facebook page

On April 9, Facebook blocked the page of Guy Julius Caesar Mussolini until April 11, but the social network unblocked his account the next day. This is reported by thelocal publication “Difesa”.

Great-grandson Benito Mussolini said that this was due to a social network error that misinterpreted his name.

I have unlocked my Facebook account. This is our first win. Thanks to everyone who rose up against this dictatorship of a single thought.Guy Julius Caesar Mussolinigreat grandson of benito mussolini

Mussolini also said he would turn to lawyers to sue Facebook for “discrimination.”

Guy Julius Caesar’s message from Facebook that he will not be able to post on the social network until April 11

Now Gaius Julius Caesar is running from the Brothers Italy party to the European Parliament in the upcoming elections in late May.

According to TASS, at the moment the granddaughter of Mussolini – Alessandra is working as part of the current convocation of the European Parliament. She came to the national parliament for the first time in 1992 from the party of the Italian social movement, and for the third time in 2014 from the party of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi “Forward, Italy”.

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