Chinese AirPods now work like real

Chinese engineers do not sleep in vain at night. They were able to create the most natural copy of the AirPods 2 .

The accessory itself is slightly different from the original. On the case of headphones there is a small hole, probably under the microphone. And the indicator light on the case is lower than it should.

And the copy itself is slightly larger than real AirPods.

Chinese AirPods now work like real

Left original, right fake with microUSB port

But personally, I was literally shocked by something else. iPhone cannot distinguish fake AirPods from real ones.

When you open the case cover and remove the “ears” from it, a standard window for pairing appears on the iPhone’s screen. It works, however, only in the absence of headphones in the charging case, but still.

In other words, the Chinese were able to partially fake the work of the H1 chip. There are touch gestures, for example, volume control using taps.

Such a trinket is worth only $ 40 or 2.5 thousand rubles . Now it became even more difficult to distinguish a copy from real AirPods. [ GizmoChina ]

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