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A three-year-old boy told the police that his father had killed his mother, but they did not believe him. 20 years later he found her remains

He grew up in a foster family, changed his name and sued 26 million dollars from his father.

Aaron Fraser in his mother’s arms Photo from the family archive, News4Jax

“Dad made mom hurt” – these are the words of three-year-old Aaron Fraser (Aaron Fraser), spoken to a child custody officer in January 1993, when his mother Bonnie Haim went missing. Police in Jacksonville, Fla. Launched an investigation against his father, Michael Haim, who became a murder suspect. However, the words of the child without material evidence did not convince the investigators or even Bonnie’s parents, because everyone believed that the police forced the boy to speak against his father. Without material evidence, the investigation was closed, and Aaron was transferred to another family.

12 years later, in 2005, Aaron Fraser won a civil suit for unlawful death against Michael Haim. In the US, you can bring a person to such responsibility for death, for example, in the case of negligence. The victim has the right to sue compensation for the “total cost of living of the deceased.”Florida court hands over $ 26 million to Aaron and family house documentswhich was rented out. My father did not attend any of the three sessions, and his lawyer said several times that the decision of a civil court could not become the basis for a criminal case. Aaron’s school essay written in the eighth grade was used as evidence : he described that he had seen the murder of a mother and the way his father hid his body with his parents.

I was at home, looking out the window at my mom and dad. Standing on tiptoe. Saw him shooting at her. I thought, “No! Don’t shoot her! This is my mother!”
fragment of the writings of Aaron Fraser, written in eighth grade

Despite winning a lawsuit, the police did not start a new investigation and did not search for the remains of Bonnie Haim. However, the mysterious disappearance story in Jacksonville became the basis for a series of the “Unsolved Mysteries” criminal episodes. The authors, together with professional detectives, talked with several witnesses and restored the events of that day in January 1993.

The version of the murder, told in the transfer of “Unsolved mysteries”:

  • Michael and Bonnie worked together in a construction company owned by his aunt. She worked on bills, and he was a manager;
  • By the Christmas holidays of 1992, the couple had a bad fight. “She came home in tears, the nails on her hands were broken after he hit the car door several times on him”- told one of the neighbors;
  • According to a Times-Union reporter, shortly before the disappearance of Bonnie, she opened a bank account. She allegedly saved money to leave Jacksonville with her son. Michael found this account and demanded to close;
  • After that, Bonnie continued to save, but gave the savings to friends – in January 1993 she had 1250 dollars. At the end of the month she planned to leave – even managed to give a deposit for a two-room apartment;
  • A few days later, Bonnie’s colleagues noticed that she did not go to work. Michael told the police that his wife had left home after a quarrel, and he began to look for her with his mother;
  • A Jacksonville detective department noticed that her husband returned home 45 minutes after Bonnie disappeared. He did not call the police until the morning, but he told the management at work that he was unwell and miss one day;
  • A hotel employee near the International Airport discovered Bonnie’s purse in the bin. The police found her car in the airport’s parking lot: the staff noticed that the driver’s seat was not adjusted to her height, but to someone larger;
  • “From this, as well as from what Aaron told us that day, the only conclusion suggested itself. It was a domestic altercation, during which Michael Haim killed his wife and hid her body, as his three-year-old son saw”- said the detective department of the city;
  • Bonnie’s father explained why her relatives and policemen did not believe Aaron: “He said several things that were wrong. For example, that the mother’s car remained on the lake. She wasn’t there. ”

The release of the criminal program “Unsolved Mysteries”, where they also talk about the disappearance of Bonnie Haim

All this time, Aaron Fraser grew up in a foster family and did not change his testimony against his father, although no one believed him. The police saw his children’s drawings, where he painted Michael with a gun aimed at Bonnie, and also came to him at different ages to clarify the details of the day the mother disappeared. According to his foster mom, the boy also showed her a bridge near the family home where his father had thrown the gun.

In 2014, Aaron Fraser moved to a family home, which he received after a lawsuit won. The 24-year-old boy began a major overhaul of the building and the installation of a large swimming pool. One day, Ayron, along with his wife’s father, began to dig a hole in the backyard, but he came across a round object. “It was like a coconut shell. I held her in my hand”He said. After examining the object, the young man noticed his teeth and eye sockets clogged with dirt. He put it back and called the police. Investigators conducted a DNA analysis and found out that the skull and other remains belong to Bonnie Haim. Together with them they found a bullet of 22 caliber – the same rifle allegedly was in the arsenal of her husband.

Michael Haim in court Photo News4Jax

On August 24, 2015, 52-year-old Michael Haim was arrested on suspicion of murder and taken to the District Court in Jacksonville. He still refuses to admit his guilt: “She was simply not happy most of the time and wanted to leave. And I could not stop her.

His lawyer is confident that the prosecution has no clear reason to unequivocally call Michael a murderer. He also asked the court not to take into account Aaron’s children’s testimony, since he considers them “contradictory.”

We agree that Bonnie is dead. We agree that her body was found in the backyard. But you have to prove that Michael did it. When you listen to the prosecution, you will see that the lack of evidence in this case far outweighs any evidence that you brought.
Janice WarrenLawyer Mile Haim

Due to the active protection of Michael and the fact that he almost does not give evidence, the trial is delayed. The next meeting will be held in April 2019. In court, including members of the Bonnie family will speak: “Next month will be hurt. But sometimes we have to open wounds to start treatment.“- so they wrote on their page on Facebook. Aaron Fraser will also come to the court, who will again tell you what he remembers about the bottom of January 1993.

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