In China, scavengers are obliged to wear GPS bracelets. At first, devices drove workers if they didn’t move.

The function was turned off under public pressure.


In the Chinese city of Nanjing, street cleaners are obliged to wear smart bracelets with GPS. The devices not only tracked the workers, but also asked to continue working if they did not move for more than 20 minutes. This was reported on the local channel Jiangsu City Channel.

However, a day later, under pressure from the public, the local cleaning company abandoned the most unpleasant function for workers. Bracelets are no longer customized workers, if they are too long in place, but continued to track them.

Map of the janitors in Nanjing Image of the Jiangsu City Channel

Nanjing West River Environmental Services believes that the system has increased the efficiency of city cleaning and lowered management costs. The local TV station interviewed several employees, and they all were unhappy with the bracelets.

I see trash on the street and I clean it. The streets are clean. They are crazy, make us walk back and forth.

anonymous cleaner in Nanjing

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