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British cinema chain apologized for showing horror movie trailers in front of Pig Peppo cartoon

Because of the horrors, the children in the cinema were scared and burst into tears.

In the Empire Cinema cinema in British Ipswich, parents said that their children burst into tears after they showed horror movies trailers to the Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun cartoon. Parents had to take their children out of the cinema halls until the showing of the cartoon about Pig Peppa began. Reports about it“Bi-bi-si”.

As parents of children report, before the show Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun they were shown an advertisement for psychological horror “Ma” and a trailer for the scary movie “Burn, Burn Clear” about a boy with “super powers” ​​that looks like an evil Superman.

Movie Trailer “Ma”

In the trailer for films that have not yet received an age rating, they showed dead bodies and violence. For example, the trailer “Ma” shows corpses, sexual violence and a man who was hit by a car, and “Burn, burn clearly” – a cruel child in a terrible mask, blood and violence.

The trailer for the film “Burn, Burn Clear”

Charlie Jones told Bi-bi-si that she came to the cinema for the film about Peppa Pig with her two-year-old daughter Annie and her 10-month-old son Fred. While watching the trailers, her daughter was very frightened and burst into tears, and also asked her about the terrible mask that they had seen in one of the trailers.

I expected my daughter to sing and dance while watching Pigpa Peppa, but she was just very depressed.

I tried to cover her eyes during the trailers. I told her that these were stupid films for moms and dads, but the children in the room began to cry, and my daughter also cried.

Charlie Jones

Jones said she was very angry at the cinema. “You go to the cinema and expect it to be a safe family day, and you do not expect it to undergo anything that could cause harm,” she added.

A representative of the network of cinemas, Empire Cinemas, said that as soon as employees on the spot learned about the situation, the program was stopped and the trailers were immediately removed from the screen.

We sincerely apologize for what happened and for any suffering caused. We will review our internal procedures to find out how this happened.

representative of Empire Cinemas

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