Actress from the series “Mysteries of Smallville” Alison Mack pleaded guilty to the sex cult case, although she had previously rejected everything

She faces a life sentence.

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Actress Alison Mack pleaded guilty to involvement in a sex cult within the NXIVM organization, The New York Times and Variety reported . Previously, she denied all charges.

Mack faces from 15 years in prison to life. The sentence is supposed to be announced in September, and the trial of the other persons involved in the case starts as early as the end of April.

I must bear full responsibility for my actions. I am very sorry for the victims in this case. I apologize to those whom I hurt while I mistakenly followed the teachings of Keith Ranier.

Alison mack actress, a fragment of a statement in court

According to the prosecution, Mack recruited victims to the organization, allegedly with courses on self-development. She was imputed to conspiracy and forcing the two victims to have sexual relations with the organization’s leader, Keith Ranier, for which she allegedly received an unspecified amount of money.

Participants in a secret group built on the principle of the pyramid, forced women to have sex with Ranierre and work in slave conditions. The further the new participants advanced, the more expensive the courses became and the stronger the psychological pressure. When joining the cult, women offered compromising evidence to themselves and loved ones, which was then used against them. The victims were also branded in the genital area.

Ranier founded Nxvim in the 1990s. In the cult, which he built, consisted of about 50 women. In March 2018, he was arrested in Mexico and extradited to the United States.

Poppy is best known for his role as Clark Kent’s girlfriend in the series “Mysteries of Smallville.” The actress was taken into custody in April 2018, but released on bail of five million dollars and sent under house arrest. She is one of the six defendants in the NXIVM case.

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