Ukrainian rapper Alyona, who has become an Internet star, has released the debut album “The Gun”

The teacher of a rural kindergarten has already become the main one in Ukrainian rap.

Alyona Alyona TheFlow

Ukrainian rap singer Alyona Alyona (real name —Alena Savranenko) released her first album, “The Gun”. You can listen to the album in Apple Music and Yandex.Music . She also posted a video for the eponymous single.

In an interview with Apple Music, she said that she chose such a name for the album, because in the comments it is called a “gun.” Alyona Alyona shared the fact that she is a supporter of feminism and body positive, but will not touch on these ideas in her work: “We must prove it not by word, but by deed”.

I really like the time in which I live. Because there are a lot more women in hip-hop. Their rap became kakhovei, and the subject matter is closer to people: they read not only about love or about something sad. More vibe, more mood. Now the flowering of female rap, and it’s cool.Alyona alyona

Alyona Alyona called the main track of the album “ Vidchinyay ”: “My generation did not live in the Soviet Union. We have other values ​​- not like our parents. Already having our experience behind us, we can conclude that we are different, and we must develop in a different way, develop our society and our country. ”

In October 2018, the video was released on the single “Ribki”, after which the kindergarten teacher Alyona Savranenko began to be called the new star of the Ukrainian rap.

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