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Microsoft has released the first preview version of the Edge browser on the Chromium engine. It works only with the company’s search engine .

Anyone can download it, but for now only for Windows 10.

Microsoft has released the first preview version of Edge on the Chromium engine. So far, the browser works only with the search engine Bing, owned by the company, and apparently almost no different from Chrome. This was noticed in TechCrunch.

Any Windows 10 user can try a new browser. To do this, simply download the Edge Dev page or the Canary version. The first will be updated once a week, and the second daily. Over time, Microsoft will launch beta and stable versions.

By interface design, the browser is very similar to Chrome, however, passwords, history and other data are synchronized through a Microsoft account, and the only search engine available is Bing. Together with Edge, the company launched its own store with extensions, although the browser also supports apps from the Chrome store.

One of the biggest differences in the new Edge is the start page. You can choose from four modes, each of which is integrated with the Microsoft News news aggregator.

Modes of the start page in the new Edge

  • “Focused” – with Microsoft logo, search line and list of visited sites;
  • “Inspiring” – with a search line and a beautiful picture on the background;
  • “Informational” – with a search line and news feed on half the screen;
  • “Own” – at will, you can turn off the visited sites, a picture, a tape or all together.

As noted in TechCrunch, in the future, Microsoft may increase the integration of the browser into the ecosystem. In a conversation with the publication of the company representatives said they intend to change the management of tabs and other interface elements so that the browser is different from Chrome.

Microsoft plans to make Chromium-based Edge the default browser in Windows by 2020. After that, almost all browsers on the market will work either on Google’s Chromium engine or on Mozilla’s Gecko.

In December 2018, Microsoft announced that it would abandon its own EdgeHTML engine and switch to Chromium with open source. The updated Edge will be released for the first time on macOS, in addition, Microsoft engineers will be able to update it regardless of Windows updates.

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