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In the “unlucky notes” on Channel One “censored” rock carving

Both the author of the program and the channel claim that they did not do it.

On April 7, on the First Channel, the release of “Bad Guys’ Notes” was aired , dedicated to the journey to Kizhi, Kazan and Bulgaria. One of the episodes of the last part of the program was the descent into the cave Devil’s Throat – according to legend, through it Orpheus descended into the realm of Hades to save Eurydice.

At that moment, when the camera slides along the walls of the cave, you can see a bas-relief depicting a man, whose genitals are visually “blurred” (38:10 frame).

Release screenshot

In the press service of the First Channel, the radio station “Govorit Moskva” assuredthat they had nothing to do with the “censorship”, and in fact it was a joke of the creator of the program Dmitry Krylov. However, Krylov himself said that he knew nothing about it.

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