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YouTube blocked the clip “At the Dawn” of the Alliance Group due to suspicions of cheating. The video just became very popular.

The group has already appealed the decision service.

YouTube blocked the video of the Moscow group “Alliance” for the song “At the Dawn”. The musicians shot it in 1987, but restored it and only published it on April 5, 2019. Since the premiere, it has been viewed about 500 thousand times.

Member of the group “Alliance” Oleg Parastaev said that the service has blocked its channel “for spam, deception and fraud.” He concluded that the suspicion was caused by the popularity of the video: “It can be seen that the system reacted to this number of views of the new clip just like that – they wind it up.”

This is not surprising, because the Alliance is experiencing a new wave of popularity. First, “The Dawn” quail Monetochka in “Blue Urganta”, and then write a teleconference “Moscow-Leningrad” with the performance of the song drew attention in the West. Popularity of the video was helped by the fact that many media outlets wrote about the premiere.

According to Parastaev, he appealed the decision of YouTube. “I hope, they will understand it in all fairness, since I certainly did not wind up anything,” the musician noted.

The video can still be viewed on YouTube. Director Mikhail Makarenkov uploaded a copy to his channel (the video does not play on other sites).

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