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The group “Alliance” 32 years later showed the video for the song “At the Dawn”. Prior to this, the track became popular in social networks and in the West

In Russia, the song Quail Coin, and under the old concert recording on YouTube – hundreds of English-language comments.

Member of the group “Alliance” Oleg Parastaev published on his YouTube channel a clip for the band’s most popular song – “At the Dawn”. According to him, the video was shot back in 1987, but it was restored just now.

The track of 1987, the words and music to which Parastaev wrote, has been experiencing a new wave of popularity since the end of 2018. It all started with the fact that in the New Year episode of the program “Evening Urgant” called “Blue Urgant” song “At the dawn of” quail Monetochka.

Most of all praise was the image of the keyboardist “Alliance”. This keyboard player is Oleg Parastaev.

Hey, dad, can you play with us? 
Our keyboard player is sick

I don’t speak Russian, but this is a great song in the genre of synth-pop. 
The vocalist is fantastic, the guy with the mustache steers, and the kid behind the Yamaha looks like he is passionate about Depeche Mode

A keyboard player with a mustache and sunglasses is the coolest guy on the planet.

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