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In Brazil, the ship crashed into a support of the 860-meter bridge and brought down part of it. Five people were without lead

Authorities are preparing to declare a state of emergency.

Place of accident Photo by Reuters, Agencia Brasil

A small vessel crashed into the base of the 860-meter bridge in the state of Para in the north of Brazil, causing a section about 200 meters in length to collapse. This was reported by Reuters and Agência Brasil .

According to journalists, in the morning of April 6, the ship carrying palm oil lost control. The crew could not brake and stopped the engine. As a result, the ship lost its course and collided with a bridge.

Governor Helder Barballo said that at least five people went missing after the collapse of the bridge. The official also promised to declare a state of emergency: “This will give us more flexibility if necessary.”

The governor of the state of Para Helder Barballo published the first video of the span over the scene

Rescuers have not yet completed the operation. From eyewitnesses it became known about two cars that drove across the bridge and at the time of the accident fell into the water. Authorities began searching for cars.

The governor also announced that defenses would be installed around the pillars of all bridges. According to him, now the state authorities are negotiating a contract. The bridge connects farmers to the northern ports.

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