How to distinguish AirPods 2 from the first AirPods: box, case, model number

It seems that the second AirPods do not outwardly differ from the first, so when you buy from unauthorized sellers you can easily be deceived.

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And yet, there are differences between the first and second generations of AirPods. Here is how they can be distinguished:

1. The number on the headphones

Each headset in a pair of AirPods has its own model number . They can easily be distinguished by it:

  • First AirPods: Right A1523, Left A1722
  • Second AirPods: Right A2031, Left A2032

Here is where you can find it:

The model number is on the headphones themselves.

Model numbers are listed on each earpiece.

Model numbers are on the underside of the headphones. The numbers are very small, and personally I don’t see them even with glasses.

To distinguish between them, I recommend using a magnifying glass or software magnifier, which is in the iPhone. It can be added to the “Control Point” through its section in the “Settings”.

It is bad that the model number is indicated on the part of the headphones that is constantly in contact with the ear. For several months of use on mine, it is well erased and difficult to distinguish.

It can be found in the iPhone Settings.

Here is the number of the right earpiece only.

When the headphones are connected to the iPhone, their model number can be found in the “Settings”> “Basic”> “About this device”> AirPods menu – here you will also find their serial number and firmware version.

This menu shows the model number of the right earpiece only : A1523 for the first and A2031 for the second AirPods.

The fact is that the right one is considered the main one, and the left one acts as an additional one. Therefore, the number will not change, even if you hide the right one in the charging case.

However, two different headphones cannot connect to the same iPhone at the same time. Therefore, the conclusions in this case can be done only by the number of the right.

The number is on the headphone box

The box should have such a sticker.

If before you new packed headphones, pay attention to the sticker with the characteristics on one of the faces. Near the barcode should be indicated models of the left and right headphones .

If you buy headphones in the Apple Store, from an official representative or in another trusted place, this information can be trusted. If not, try to print them out and check what’s inside.

Next to the headset numbers on this sticker is also the model of the charging case: the second AirPods can be either with a regular case or with a case that supports wireless charging.

2. Charging case

You can use both a new and old charging case with any headphone model. They differ in numbers:

  • Charging Case: A1602
  • Wireless charging case : A1938

Code A1602 is used on both standard charging cases that came with the first AirPods two years ago, and the second generation.

Model Number Under Case Cover

Model number can be either left or right

The model number of the charging case is indicated in small print on the inside of the top cover – either to the right or to the left.

There is also information about the volume of the battery, which is built into the case, and the serial number of the charging case.

The font is very small, so it’s best to use a regular magnifying glass or a magnifying glass from the Control Point of the iPhone.

Location of the indicator light

On the left, the usual case, on the right case with wireless charging

Learn the charging case AirPods easiest way on the indicator light. In the ordinary, it is located between the headphone slots under the lid, in the case with wireless charging – on the upper side outside .

The indicator light has moved so that you can quickly see if the cover is charging at the Qi-station or has already been charged. In the first case, it will burn orange, in the second – green.

3. Different AirPods do not work together.

Together you can use headphones or the first series, or the second

If you install headphones of different series (A1523 and A2032 or A1722 and A2031) in the charging case, they will not work together. Then a warning will appear on the iPhone screenthat you are using different models of AirPods.

The fact is that the first and second AirPods operate on the basis of different chips: W1 and H1. The second improves the stability of the connection, increases the distance of the connection and the battery life, and also makes the sound better.

You can use either two headphones of the first series or two headphones of the second series. At the same time for any headphones fit any charging case.

Once again, how to find out the model AirPods

Headphones are not connected: then look for the model numbers on the bottom of the AirPods. First generation: right A1523, left A1722; second generation: right A2031, left A2032.

Headphones are connected: when headphones are connected to an iPhone, the AirPods item appears in its “Settings”> “General”> “About this device”. Here is the model number of the right earpiece: A1523 or A2031.

Different headphones can not be connected simultaneously, so this is enough to determine the model.

Headphones packed: on the box there is a sticker indicating the content. Both the headset numbers and the charging case model are listed here.

Case in your hands: look for the model number on the inside of the charging case cover: A1602 – a case with normal charging, A1938 – a case with wireless charging.

Case in the hands of others: even from a distance, you can see the location of the indicator light: it has an inside case for a regular case, and a new one for a new one with wireless charging outside.

Now you will not be deceived if you decide to buy new or old AirPods. You also will not miss when buying a pair, if you have lost one of the headphones.

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