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Belarus has opened tours of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exclusion zone. But some places left banned due to radiation

The reserve promised that in the open area the health of tourists is not in danger.

Exclusion Zone Frame from the plot ONT

Belarus has opened an exclusion zone for tourists, established more than 30 years ago due to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the local TV channel ONT reported .

The cost of the excursion for a company of five people will be approximately 340 Belarusian rubles (just over 10 thousand Russian). According to the channel, the group plans to send twice a month, and more mass tours start after the “running in” of the two main routes.

If Ukraine conducts excursions from its side of the exclusion zone for several years, the Belarusian was closed until the last moment – more than 90 villages were evicted from this territory after the incident.

What can I see here? The “graves” of technology and dead cities attracting “stalkers” are not here. And on the fire towers, from where you can see the territory of the Chernobyl station, it is forbidden to climb. But there are evicted villages. Local exclusive.

Maxim Kudin Deputy Director of the Polesia State Radiation and Ecological Reserve

The journalist of ONT made sure that the radiation doses in the territory are safe for humans and exceed the norm “about twice” (0.54 microsieper per hour). “Let’s say that the dose that will be received from the flight [of the tourist here] will be greater than staying within one working day in the exclusion zone,” said Kudin.

Exclusion Zone Frame from the plot ONT

The radiation level in some areas exceeds the norm by “hundreds and even thousands of times”, but tourists will not be allowed on them. “Although it is necessary to be extremely careful at relatively clean points. Due to the uneven fallout of radioactive fallout, it is difficult to determine the boundaries of pollution, ”the correspondent concluded.

The plot of the ONT from the exclusion zone

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