2nd generation AirPods sound noticeably better than the first

The first owners of AirPods 2 have already expressed their opinion on the sound of the headphones.

Yes, this is a subjective indicator. Some users did not hear the difference, but many noted an improvement in sound.

CORE MY – the sound quality in the 2nd generation AirPods is much better than that of the first generation … I didn’t expect any real jump in sound quality.

One MacRumors user didn’t see the difference:

When I was listening to music, I didn’t notice the difference between my AirPods 2 and my wife’s original AirPods. I bought AirPods 2 mainly for the gym.

Some owners talk about the changes in the sound of Siri and FaceTime:

Got new AirPods! Much better sound quality in FaceTime and Siri. Faster switching between devices. It should be updated from the first generation, if only the headphones began to die battery.

The first owners also pointed out that the new AirPods are switching faster between the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the Mac to which they are connected.

Have you already received AirPods 2? Notice the difference? [ MacRumors ]

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