Overview of the 12 major innovations of iOS 12.2

Immediately after Apple ’s spring presentation , which showed an updated news service, a mobile gaming portal, a payment system add-on and a TV aggregator, the final version of iOS 12.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was released.

They added new anmojies to it, added sections of the music application, changed many icons in the Control Point and other menus, included support for new devices and services. Further about all this and not only .

1. “Messages”: a set of four new animoji

New animoji is the most important

To the standard set of ghosts and dinosaurs, koalas and tigers, bears and skulls, dragon and lion, unicorn and rooster, hare and panda, pigs and poop, as well as foxes and alien, dogs, cats, robots and monkeys added four more animoji.

It is a boar, owl, shark and giraffe .

Of course, Apple developers know better, but personally it seems to me that animoji in iOS was already enough, so it would be more logical to concentrate on other innovations.

2. Apple Music: even more content for the “Review”

Recommended playlists are getting closer

In iOS 12.1.4 and older versions of the system, in the Review section of the Music application, there was some information: selected playlists with covers, as well as links to go to new music, playlists, video clips, top charts, genres, TV shows and movies .

The number of Apple Music users has crossed the 50 million mark, and the company wants each of them to listen to music as actively as possible .

3. “Control point”: new icons and control panel

These menus cosmetically refined.

The flagship Apple presentation on March 25 was definitely the TV + TV service with a huge number of exclusive TV shows with top actors. The company makes a big bet on it.

To make it more convenient for us to use it on Apple TV and operating systems built into TVs, the remote from the Control Point now takes up the entire screen . They are especially cool to use on the iPhone Xs Max.

Yes, besides Apple TV, you can now control HomeKit-enabled TVs with this widget.

In the Music widget, the playback source icon was changed to AirPlay and the animation was changed when the application itself was opened from here. The icon for the “Repeat Screen” widget has also changed.

4. “Home” and HomeKit: full support for TVs

Everywhere now there are mentions of TVs.

To support its video service, Apple is actively working not only with actors and directors, as well as content holders, but also with TV manufacturers.

Apple TV + will work in applications on Samsung, LG, Sony and other brands. They will support the new standard AirPlay, they will manage to manage through the application “Home”.

In iOS 12.2, they added support for HomeKit-TVs , and in the Home application they assigned TV to the resolution for connecting speakers.

5. “Settings”: processing the device information menu

The device information menu has become more intuitive

In the “Privacy and Security” section of the Safari menu in Settings, the “Movement and Orientation” switch appeared. Using it, you can enable or disable the interaction of sites with these parameters.

Changed the menu “About this device”, now it is more simple and understandable. In its upper part there was a place for the five most important points: name, software version, model name, model number and serial number. Below is the warranty information.

Interestingly, in this menu the name of my “iPhone Xs Max” is now written with a small letter “s” – the capital used to be used earlier. The same menu now indicates the extended AppleCare warranty, if any.

The “Air quality index” switch also appeared in the “Maps” menu, which allows you to turn it on and off while navigating.

6. “Limited Warranty”: Service Information Appeared

Now even the end of the warranty can be seen.

You need to go to the menu “Settings”> “Basic”> “About this device”> “Limited Warranty”. There is a warranty expiration date.

7. Safari: warning of danger on unprotected sites.

Now it is clear that “unsafe”

In iOS 12.2, Safari will warn you about the danger when you go to a site without HTTPS support right in the address bar with the words “Insecure”.

Also the menu of the proposed results has changed during the search through Google: arrows appeared for quickly entering queries.

The keyboard in the browser can now be used to select a color if you have started using the field that this suggests.

By the way, the browser now does not use protection from spying on your actions in the network. It was ineffective, so the developers decided not to overload her Internet surfing.

8. Wallet: reworking the interface and preparing for the Apple Card

The interface has become easier and more enjoyable.

Another interesting announcement at the spring presentation was the launch of the Apple Card . The company plans to create its own bank card in a virtual and physical form and display all information about payments through Wallet.

The first steps in this direction in this application are already visible today. For example, now you can see more detailed data on card transactions through Apple Pay with the amount, location on the map and time.

The operation menu interface has also changed. Now they are shown as separate blocks with rounded corners. The application has become more attractive and thoughtful .

9. Siri: now better suited for Apple TV

With iOS 12.2, you can ask Siri to launch content from iPhone to Apple TV.

10. “Maps”: air quality index appeared

We have not found a country with an air quality index: (

In theory, after upgrading to iOS 12.2, the air quality index should be shown in Maps. It can be enabled through the “Maps” section in “Settings”.

However, even in European cities, it is not yet displayed.

11. News: Apple News + Appears in the USA and Canada

Another important announcement of the presentation of Apple on March 25 was the updated news service Apple News + . Now with the help of it you can read not only news from the Internet, but also magazines and other publications .

It already works in the USA and Canada. The app even got a new icon for the home screen in honor of this. However, for us it is still not relevant.

12. New devices: support for AirPods 2 and AirPower

These are AirPods 2, and they do not fully work with iOS 12.1.4

iOS 12.2 works with AirPods 2 and AirPower. The second device is still not for sale, but in the depths of the system there is already a place for it.

Instead of output: how does the update work?

I use the final iOS 12.2 on my iPhone Xs Max for more than 10 hours and I can say with confidence that it works perfectly. Before that, I had test versions of this system, and sometimes they had glitches. Now they are not.

Need to be updated. There are no supernatural innovations in it, but cosmetic improvements are definitely worth it. I especially liked the updated Wallet – it would be nice if our banks paid attention to its simplicity and brevity.

If you have found some interesting innovations in iOS 12.2, be sure to write.

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