Outbids in the US are selling tickets to the “Avengers: Final” for $ 15,000

“Avengers: Final” on the wave of HYIP in the USA. Tickets for the premiere sessions fly away in the blink of an eye. It is expected that in the first days of the release, the film can earn about $ 300 million. The outbids who managed to buy tickets for the premiere shows and now resell them on online auctions will also be able to earn.

So, yesterday, two tickets in one of the New Jersey cinemas on eBay were sold for $ 15,000. Two tickets for a session in New York are still on sale. Their starting price is $ 9199. There are also more adequate options on sale, when only $ 500 must be paid for one ticket.

In the US, the premiere of “The Avengers: Final” is scheduled for April 26th. In Belarus, it will be held in separate cinemas on the night of April 28-29. However, many of the available sessions are also almost sold out.

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