First Reviews and Impressions of Powerbeats Pro

Apple didn’t have time to introduce the Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones , and major foreign publications already shared their first impressions.

And although Russia is not in the “first wave” of countries where the new product will be available, one can already approximately understand what it represents.

1. The Verge

“ A great battery, but a big charging case. ”

The Verge journalists were among the first to talk about the features of Powerbeats Pro. They singled out the pros and cons of the device separately.


Battery : Beats claims that Powerbeats Pro will last 9 hours without recharging. This is not the best result among all wireless headphones, but the best in its category. They easily “do” AirPods , Galaxy Buds, Jabra Elite 65t and other similar accessories.

In addition, the charging case extends battery life up to 24 hours.

Chip H1 : it allows you to easily use the function “Hi, Siri”. No need to press somewhere.

Fitness : at first glance, the earpiece fits snugly to the ear. While wearing comfortable. And for those to whom the standard handle does not fit – 4 more tips are included. A great option for athletes.

Management : there is no gestural and touch control. Both headphones have the same physical buttons for volume control and track switching.

There is no power button, but the headphones themselves go into sleep mode when you are not using them. And all thanks to the built-in motion sensors.

Reproduction : The music is also paused when you take out one earpiece from your ear.

Independence : both headphones work independently of each other, just like AirPods. So you can use them separately.


Huge charging case : Beats are absolutely sure that people will store headphones somewhere in a bag. Yes, the Powerbeats Pro case can be put in your pocket, but it hardly seems convenient to you.

Wireless charging : the case does not support wireless Qi charging. No LED indicator shows the charging status of each headset. Only a small LED on the case.

You can check the charge level only through the connected iPhone in the pop-up menu.

Water Resistant : Beats claims the novelty will easily withstand sweat and other moisture But it does not reveal whether the headphones can work in a slightly more aggressive environment.

2. iMore

“ Good noise isolation, headphones work really long ”

Tightened and journalists resource iMore .

About the charging speed, we have nothing to say. Technically, you can listen to music for 1.5 hours after 5 minutes of charging. And 4.5 hours after 15 minutes. This is a cool indicator: AirPods work 3 hours after 15 minutes of charging.

In Powerbeats Pro installed a good noise isolation. Enough not to hear the extraneous sounds of the environment at all. Some may not like it, but in this case there are AirPods.

I was also pleased with the physical control of the headphones: two buttons for volume control and one big button B for making calls / turning on Siri and pause.

If you need a capacious battery, physical control, resistance to sweat and noise reduction, then your choice is Powerbeats Pro.

3. Digital Trends

” In these headphones, excellent bass and well balanced sound “

Do not stand aside and in Digital Trends .

Pros :

▪️ Best-in-class battery 
▪️ Moisture 
protection ▪️ Excellent connection quality 
▪ соединения Excellent bass, well-balanced headphones

Cons :

▪️ Dear 
▪️ Not all functions work with Android smartphones 
▪️ Huge charging case

The case has an LED indicator that shows when the battery is low. But if you have connected Powerbeats Pro to the iPhone, simply open the case and you will automatically see on the iPhone a notification with a detailed description of the battery life.

Unfortunately, this option along with “Hi, Siri” does not work with Android .

The cover does not charge without wires, unlike the case of the new AirPods . Instead, you will have to charge it with a Lightning cable. It is a pity that this is not a USB-C port, which is more versatile outside of the Apple ecosystem (and is also present in some Apple products).

How do Powerbeats Pro sound? I had the opportunity to listen to only a few songs, so you have to wait for a full review for a detailed analysis of the sound. But what impressed me most was how headphones belong to low frequencies.

Bass in songs like Daft Punk – Get Lucky is impressively clean. It’s easy to hear everything that happens in lower case, where everything is often confused. The bass is superb .

The rest of the frequency range was well balanced, at least in my short time with headphones. That, in general, can not but rejoice.

4. Mashable

“The huge charging case is the main drawback of these headphones. ”

But most of all, the headphones impressed Mashable journalists .

How do Powerbeats Pro sound? Actually not bad. Beats says it has improved bass and dynamic range for a louder, clearer sound, without sacrificing a proprietary sound profile.

Although I had time to listen to just a couple of songs in Apple Music, but I can already say that the bass sounds deeper . At higher volume, the tracks are not distorted as much as in the AirPods.

I, of course, need to spend more time listening to music in Powerbeats Pro, before I say whether they really sound much better, but at least they sound no worse than Powerbeats 3 .

What I like least about Powerbeats Pro is the bulky plastic case for charging. It is hugecompared to the case for charging AirPods.

The design of the Powerbeats Pro ear hook limits the size of the charging case. He is as small as possible. But damn, it’s too big.

As with the AirPods, two Powerbeats are plugged directly into the case with magnets and charged instantly.

Powerbeats Pro takes full advantage of the Apple H1 chip and is a great alternative to the AirPods, especially if you are a sports fan. But I’m worried about this. The case will easily fit in a backpack or jacket pocket, but certainly not in my jeans.

Preliminary result

The new Powerbeats Pro sounds at least as good as the Powerbeats 3. They sit comfortably in their ears, but the capabilities of the headphones are limited to iOS. For Android, these are simple bluetooth headphones.

The biggest minus of the novelty is a huge charging case that will not be easy to carry with you. But there are also compromises for this, given that these “bits” work up to 9 hours without recharging.

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