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Students of the Kiev Physics Committee took part in a frank photo shoot for a beauty contest. Contest page removed

In social networks, when discussing the pictures, they were divided into two camps: some supported the girls, while others were convicted of “immorality”.

On April 3, a Miss Fizmat 2019 competition was held in Kiev, in which students from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) took part. A few days before the event, it became scandalous and received media attention: the reason was the outright photo session of the participants, published in the student council instagram. As a result, commentators were divided into two camps, and the page of the competition was deleted.

In social networks, a photo session was noticed on April 2: at about 20 shots, the girls posed in their underwear with belts and whips. The theme of the beauty contest was described as “Welcome to hell”, and the students in the photo personified mortal sins – the organizers told about it on Instagram. In the same images the girls took off for the promotional video of the competition.

Also, users of social networks with irony compared a photo session of students with pictures of participants in the contest “Mr. Fizmat 2019”, who also published in the instagram of the KPI student council. But in fact, the guys also had a semi-nude photo shoot, but without whips and belts.

On April 3, Ukrainian politicians paid attention to a frank photo session of KPI students. The Chairperson of the Committee for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination, Irina Suslova, stated that she had complained about the competition to the Ministry of Education. She also noted that some participants may be minors. The pictures were also condemned by the Harmony of Equals League for the Protection of Women’s Rights.

We are talking about the future of these girls. Will they really become experts in mathematics, physics or cybernetics. Or whatever knowledge they have and whatever skills they demonstrate, they will always be perceived as “girls” who can only delight the public with their forms.

Some may have the impression that all universities have students for examination, like cattle in the bazaar! And after that we are surprised at the scale of sex tourism, sexism, human trafficking and domestic violence. These are the “contests” and pave the way for this all.
Irina SuslovaPeople’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada

The contest organizer KPI student Elizaveta Tatarina responded to the criticism of the photo shoot . The girl who took part in the “Miss Ukraine 2017”, said that all the participants were removed at will. Also Tatarina noted that the university is not connected with the competition in any way, and the administration prevented them from conducting rehearsals.

Hello! My name is Lisa, and I am the organizer of this “terrible”, “vulgar” and simply “immoral” beauty contest. So, we have achieved what we wanted, the whole Kiev is talking about us now. You know, this competition was done by students, for students’ resources, for students, so that everyone just enjoyed. And for me it is very important that nothing immoral is written about my participants.

Elizaveta Tatarina competition organizer

Other users of social networks, on the contrary, supported the contestants. For example, the Ukrainian actress and former student of the KPI, Anna Gres, wrote on Facebook: “If we crossed the line of the girl, it’s not for us to decide, I think. The main thing – do not include moralizing. There are no nuns on Facebook, and especially on Instagram. The girls are beautiful, the figures are beautiful. Yes, and smart. You first try to enter KPI on a physical mat, and then hold on for at least one semester. ”

Ukrainian edition of The Village spoke with the participants of the photo shoot. They recognized that not all girls accepted the topic of the competition, refusing to participate. But other students supported the idea to show that they are “not intimidated gray mice with calculators in their hands.”

I participate because events of this format are interesting. The idea of ​​shooting was common and was to distract us from the severity that prevails in the faculty.

During the shooting, I felt as comfortable as possible. It made me feel like a girl, not a machine for solving integrals.

Paulinefreshman KPI

We ourselves created this event and only for students of our university. I participate in it for two important reasons for me. Firstly, we are with one more girl – the best in the group (we study physics) and we participate so that people do not think that we can only solve physical problems, sit at the computer and program.

Anastasia sophomore KPI

Judging by the instagram Tatarina, April 3, the competition is still held in one of the Kiev night clubs. But the KPI student council’s profile was removed for unknown reasons – the organizer responded with surprise. Later, the organizers said that they were hacked on Instagram.

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