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Samsung has developed a flower vase that can be used as a fire extinguisher.

In case of fire, just throw it into the fire, like a grenade.

Samsung created Firevase – a flower vase that can work as a fire extinguisher. The device consists of two sections: flowers can be put into the inside, and the outside is filled with potassium carbonate, which instantly extinguishes the flame.

In the event of a fire, Firevase must be thrown into a fire source to stop the fire. Using a device in South Korea, they promote the use of home fire extinguishers, where less than 60% of homes are equipped with at least one device.

Initially, a subsidiary of Samsung produced 100 thousand Firevase for an advertising campaign. After that, the number of houses with at least one fire extinguisher increased by 8% in the country and the company plans to create another 200 thousand vases.

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