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Moscow State University team won a second victory in a row at the student programming world championship

This is the first team in history that won the same composition as a year earlier.

MSU team Photos from Leonid Volkov’s telegram channel

The Moscow State University team won a second victory in a row at the International Student Programming Olympiad (ACM ICPC). The second place was taken by representatives of the American MIT, the third line – the University of Tokyo. The broadcast was conducted on the ICPC YouTube channel.

The team of Moscow State University, as in 2018 , included Mikhail Ipatov, Grigory Reznikov and Vladislav Makeev. They competed with 135 teams from different countries.

MSU team Photos from Leonid Volkov’s telegram channel

In the final stage, the participants of the championships solved 10 problems that were checked by a given set of tests. The task was considered accepted only if it passed all the checks. You could use Java, C, C ++, Kotlin, and Python to complete the task.

In the first four hours, teams are distributed depending on the number of solved tasks, and after that – according to the time spent on their execution. A minute is equated to a fine point, and if the task does not work out the first time, then for each next error, 20 fine points follow.

At the end, the table is frozen, and each team knows only its own result. At the ceremony, 12 teams are usually awarded: four each – with gold, silver and bronze medals. According to the rules of the championship, the team can go to the finals with the same composition no more than two times, so the next time MSU will have to recruit new members.

In 2019, in addition to Moscow State University, 10 more teams from Russia participated in the Championship. Some of them also appeared at the top of the list, for example, the Higher School of Economics took the 14th place.

Russians have been winning the ICPC for many years now. In 2019, this happened for the eighth time in a row, and in total since 2000, students from Russia have won 13 times. In this case, the record for victories belongs to the United States: American programmers ranked first 17 times.

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